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For those who want to get rid on an unsightly Belt Drive- or simply have a worn-out Clutch on their Norton Manx:
Clutch Chainwheel, Manx Norton Type:

Swinging Arms!
Rear Swinging arm, gusseted, for 750/850 Commando


Also available ungusseted for earlier Commandos:

Andover Norton is now installed in Brunel Gate, Andover, and has started shipping orders out in the last week of January.
Most parts are now back on the shelves, and the backlog of orders we hope to have completed and shipped by mid-February. Working conditions are much improved for all members of the team with more space, more light, and one big, spacious store instead of the two cramped ones we occupied in Hungerford. When we rented the premises in Hungerford in September 2007, the stock was about half what it is now. The Andover Norton team was also smaller.

Our range of Commando and Dominator spares has increased with a lot of parts that the company did not have since original stocks, taken over from Norton Villiers Triumph in 1978, ran out. Some of these newly introduced items can be found further down on this page as well as on the "New Items Just In" Page. In the meantime we acquired J.R.Technical Publications with its range of Triumph/BSA parts lists, riders handbooks, and workshop manuals.

We also took over the Norton Rotary spares stock from our sister company Norton Motors Ltd.
January 2013
Norton Spare Parts News
Andover Norton has moved into the new premises and, snow permitting, starts to ship spares out to the Genuine Norton Factory Spare Parts starved world on Wednesday, 23rd January 2013.
No longer do Norton owners have to make do with inferior pattern parts sometimes bearing copycat trademarks.

Norton owners can now buy the real deal again, Andover Norton's Genuine Norton Factory Spare Parts - made on original tooling, to original drawings, in original materials, finished to the original tolerances by the original methods as laid down in the Norton factory drawings.

Our team has another new member. Simon Amos, who has joined us from Honda UK, to strengthen our purchasing team.
December 2012
Norton Spare Parts News
Before our move back to Andover in January we continue to re-introduce products, that were unavailable for many years:

06.1116 Centre Stand, early (1968-70) Commando.

06.7275 Rear Master Cylinder Pushrod (AP4116-115)
November 2012
Levers for early Commandos
We were asked for levers for early Commandos many times in recent years and did not have the perfect answer. But now we have.

These levers have the Correct 7/8” cable barrel/lever pivot distance to keep the clutch action light and have original style clamps that have the screws vertically positioned. They also have the air lever on the brake lever assembly side, and come complete with the improved later style cable adjusters.



The "S"-Type
Are you one of the many young motorcycle fans who fell for the model on the right when they first saw it? I am talking about the sexy exhaust system that gives the Commando "S" the extra "Je ne sais quoi"- and it will in fact fit any Commando model. The complete system with all brackets, heat shields, special screws etc is now available from Andover Norton
We have taken the trouble to buy a Commando as a sample bike to fit our new products to, and that Commando has now served to ensure our "S"-pipes- unlike other systems currently on the market- fit!

For Details of the "S"-Type Exhaust System please click here
New Books
Service Release N3/12

Parts List and Installation Instructions for 750 Racer and Formula Racer

Roy Bacon's Restoration Titles, AJS/Matchless, BSA Singles, BSA Twins, Triumph Twins and Norton Twins have now all been reprinted and are now available again from the publishers, Andover Norton International Ltd.
Bronze Guides for Sporty Engines
Andover Norton Bronze Valve Guides for Dominators & Commandos
Our engine tuner Rudi Kolano prefers to use bronze valve guides in aluminium cylinder heads for their better heat transfer capacity as well as their fail-safe virtues in case of lubrication failure. Our race engines, therefore, all run on bronze valve guides, and some of our road bikes, too. Until recently we used the valve guides made by Rowe, the Californian manufacturers. Since Ed Rowe closed his business we researched alternatives, none of which were deemed satisfactory.
We therefore decided to commission bronze valve guide manufacture to works drawings, using the same bronze alloy BMW use for their air-cooled flat twins. Valve guides on the left suit 500cc through 750cc Norton Twins, those on the right the 850s.

Note: Rudi Kolano also insists on using our Genuine Andover Norton valves because, he finds, they are the best quality valves he has encountered, including the black Melonite Rowe valves.
October 2012
Norton Spare Parts News
Another addition to our constantly growing spares range:
Andover Norton has new stock of British-made Commando Roadster side panels, in etch-primed steel ready for painting.

The left-hand panel has the original specification tool pocket inside it and the mounting bracket is pre-fitted with the Dzus fastener clip. The right-hand panel has the spacer mounts inside to correctly align the panel to the oil tank. The etch-primed finish is compatible with all current painting methods, and once painted these panels will give the finishing touch to any Commando Roadster restoration.


Picture above shows the toolpocket in the left hand panel. We have just been made aware the picture above was stolen by an Indian supplier and shown in his e-bay auction to sell his sorry copies of the above. We see this as a compliment!
Planned for July delivery, and already in stock in October(!): World exlusive.
Only available from us:
Genuine AP Lockheed CP2195 calipers!
CP2195-1002EO caliper for front r.h. or rear l.h. mounting
CP2195-1003EO caliper for front l.h. or rear r.h. mounting

New parts for Norton Rotaries: Since Andover Norton has taken on the Rotary Spares stock of Norton Motors Ltd we have gradually re-stocked normal consumables resp. re-introduced popular items that had not been available since the original stock dried up.
September 2012
At last: Rear mudguards for Fastbacks!
Another long-term project has now been put into production, our Fastback rear mudguards. These are very different to the normal rear mudguards of the other Commando models. Not only are they shorter, but they have a flared edge.

Fitting one of the Roadster/Interstate/"S"/"SS" rear mudguards to a Fastback results in a very odd-looking rear end that simply is not right. And, yes, we have seen it done many times!

We now offer four variants of these mudguards: the early (1968-70) Fastback mudguard with one mounting point at the front (part no. 06-0507, right), and the post-1970 mudguard with two holes at the front - part no.
, left.

These come under the original part numbers painted black.

Adding a /1 to the part number - i.e. ordering
- gets you a polished version of the same stainless steel item, and thus a replica of the chromium-plated guards used on the Production Racers.
May 2012
Now available from Andover Norton: Alton Electric Start Conversion
You may think these kits are not available though us if you followed the recent press coverage. The reason is that we insisted on checking the kits first. We have fitted and operated a couple of kits to our satisfaction before we decided to distribute them.
The Alton electric start kit is relatively simple to fit. One advantage is that, should one decide to convert their Commando back to original, this is easily possible. In the meantime the electric start kit makes life with the Commando much easier, especially for those who have knee or hip problems, and now find it hard to kickstart their Commando.
The Starter Kit contains a new alternator and all other parts (except the battery) that is needed to convert the motorcycle. It is suitable for 750 and 850 (pre-Mk3) Commandos with triplex chain (standard production) primary drives. Installation instructions are included in the kit.
April 2012
The Classic Motorcycle features Andover Norton
Well, that was the idea, anyway. Reads more like a CV of its owner- apologies, we'd have liked to read- and see!- more about the company itself.
March 2012
And further to our new headlamps:
We have just taken delivery of
HEADLAMP SHELL & RIM (3 W/LIGHT+1 SWITCH) 60279 (99.7039)

Coming soon:
HEADLAMP SHELL & RIM (AMM+SWITCH+1xLIGHT) '68-'70 (54523999)
February 2012
Another first for Andover Norton: The Dominator/Atlas headlamp.
To the best of our knowledge this model has never been offered by Andover Norton before. This headlamp is made for us in England. No offering from the Far East of dubious dimensions and/or headlamp rims that will not fit.

This is the real article.

Part No. 06.7283 HEADLAMP SHELL
CHROME RIM/BLACK SHELL (Dommi/Atlas with ammeter + 1 lamp)
January 2012
Another Andover Norton Exclusive: CP2195 AP Calipers
The legendary CP2195 Caliper. Commissioned & exclusively available from Andover Norton.
Andover Norton International Ltd are proud to announce the re-manufacture of the legendary CP2195 caliper.

We have commissioned a batch of these CP2195 calipers, as used by virtually all motorcycle racers in the 1970s and 1980s and by manufacturers such as Norton (on the Production Racers), Ducati, Rickman, Egli and many others.

These AP (formerly AP Lockheed) calipers have not been available- bar a small batch a while ago, made to restore the bikes damaged in the fire at the National Motorcycle Museum- for many a year. We have asked AP to re-manufacture them exclusively for us. They will, therefore, be available only from Andover Norton, with deliveries commencing in July, 2012, and will retail at £249.95 +VAT.

For those who want a cheaper alternative we offer the CP2696 series caliper, which looks similar at first glance but can be easily identified by its four square ribs per side, thus looking more angular and "modern".

For the discerning restorer who will only go for the real deal the CP2195 is without a doubt the one to get.
Andover Norton 2011
Norton Spare Parts News
Original Norton Spare Parts
New Original Norton Spare Parts – talking of which
Norton Andover, December 2011

Commando Gearboxes (pre-850Mk3)
In our quest to offer more and more assemblies in addition to the individual parts, these are our complete Commando750/850 gearboxes. Though I have been involved in Norton spares since the late 1970s, I can not remember these being available as a spare part after production ended. Part No. 06-0543, Commando 750/850 up to No. 306590 (i.e. standard 2nd Gear), Part No.
, No.
(i.e. higher 2nd gear), Part No.
, 850Mk3 gearbox

Complete Clutch, Norton pre-Commando
This was a very time consuming project, but at long last it has come to fruition. Drawings were missing, manufacturing hickups occurred, but now at last we can offer all the individual parts as well as complete clutches again after about 40 years of non-availability. Part No.

Cylinder barrels from our own dies, machined to 750 and 850 condition. The advantage of our new 750 barrels over the original 750 barrel is the increased stability of the bottom flange that had a tendency to fracture on tuned engines as well as on engines that were bored oversize. Our barrels are virtually indestructible. Our barrels are marked "ANIL" at the bottom flange so you are sure what you are getting.
We have also introduced the Production Racer fork sliders in cooperation with Mick Hemmings Motorcycles.

These fork sliders are machined to the original drawings in our posession for the correct disc diameter (11 1/2" or 292mm).
Easy to identify by the casting number inside the caliper extension "TX0032"

Part No.
for r.h. fork leg with caliper at front,
Part NO.
for l.h. fork leg with caliper at front
Fork legs can also be used with calipers at back.
Originally these fork legs were used with our CP2195 calipers.
The CP2696 caliper, also available from us, can be used instead.
bearing shells
Commando con-rod bearing shells
Norton Andover, November 2011. We now have all parts to build a Dominator clutch assembly, including all clutch centre parts (See "New items just in"). This was a project that has been in the pipeline for many a month, but we finally got there. All parts Made in England for Andover Norton bar the clutch plates. No parts are the same as the "alternative" offers you get elsewhere!

Andover Norton now have stock of newly manufactured Commando con-rod bearing shells which offer improved wear characteristics over the original equipment items.

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