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And you thought Andover Norton cares solely about Commandos?
Norton Andover, October 2011

Many Norton owners are not aware that we manufacture featherbed frames and other featherbed Norton parts, and are often led to believe these are made by others.

Even some Norton dealers are have not yet realized we now manufacture and supply many parts that are needed to complete a featherbed frame chassis.

As of late we now have: Swinging arms with all the parts needed to fit them to the frame, the crosstube for the frame, and (not pictured) taper roller bearings for the steering head, part No.

Other auxiliary parts we can supply that are not pictured: Rear Chainguard
, Head Steady for Norton twins
, Wideline Dualseat NM20123 – resp. Slimline
– , Suspension Units (shrouded)
... etc.

Remember - the company owner has two featherbed models he rides besides his Commandos, so is not immune to the attraction of the featherbed concept.
Norton Andover, September 2011
Just arrived: Clutch Basket, Dommi/Singles

Last available as a genuine part about 30 years ago, now back in stock!
English manufacture, hardened, not to be mistaken for other dubious offerings in the market! No. 04-0359

Another item that has not been available for decades has now been added to our Commando parts programme- the heatshields for "SS" exhaust pipes. Faithful copies of a set of original heat shields we were able to locate:
narrow front mudguard of early Commandos
Norton Andover, July 2011
Now available again: The narrow front mudguard of early Commandos!
Part No.

It was not produced after 1972- only the wider mudguard of the late 750s and all 850s was available for decades- but we have now made the narrow type again which looks far nicer with the narrow front tire of the earlier Commandos (3.25x19 resp. 3.60x19, today 90/90x19).

On the photograph, however, it covers the "wide" tire 3.50x19 resp.4.10x19, today 100/90x19.
This requires slight widening of the mudguard stays
, but the boss thinks it still looks nicer on his personal 1971 signal orange Roadster which had it fitted when new.
This keeps your oil clean!
Now available from Andover Norton:

An accessory for the safety conscious Norton owner- sump filter with magnet. This keeps your oil clean of metal abrasions before it goes back into circulation.

Launch: The gearbox rebuild kits!
Juli 2011
Andover Norton launches the gearbox rebuild kits, consisting exclusively of Genuine Spare Parts.



Production Racer Headsteady
Production Racer Headsteady
For many years of racing and riding on the road I have preferred the production racer headsteady to the standard arrangenment. In my opinion, the increase in stability, though marred by a slight increase in vibration, is worth the expense. Headsteadies from different manufacturers are in the market. Some of them are as original, i.e. will not fit under production petrol tanks. Others we bought were very badly made. Company owner's son Tim Seifert, also a Commando rider, wanted one so, using the original drawing in Andover Norton's posession, he modified the structure. He slimmed it down so it now fits even under the narrowest standard production petrol tank, the Roadster tank. Furthermore, adjustment is now possible in height and sideways through the integration of shims and oval holes in strategically important positions. Headsteady comes with Assembly Instructions.

Luggage System for Commandos
Norton Andover, February 2011
We were asked for a luggage system for Commandos again and again over the years.
We never found a system took modern, waterproof panniers, panniers that can be attached, locked, unlocked and detached easily.

Our Solution
We also did not find a system that was fixed to the stable, reinforced parts of the frame. All systems in the market overload the rear frame loop which was never meant to take vertical loads and bends down very easily.

We therefore asked Hepco & Becker, one of the most respected names in the motorcycle luggage industry, to develop a system that loads those parts of the frame that can take the load, whilst using the rear frame loop only to stabilize the system laterally, something that the loop is fit to do.
The pictures show the prototype system, production systems are now available black, for 750s only
Part No. 06.7270
(special price), or chromed,
Part No. 06-7271

For 850s and especially 850Mk3s please order Part No.
Neuer Link
. The chromed system will now fit 850Mk3 models (new February 2013)
Andover Norton 2009
Austria, 18th/19th July 2009
International Norton Owners Club Rallye

The International Norton Owners Club Rallye - sponsored by the Norton Motors Group - started its International Rallye at the Oldtimer Grand Prix on the Salzburgring in Austria.

This was THE meeting to attend for all Norton enthusiasts, with more Nortons of historical importance than at any other gathering that year, with over 25 Norton Manxes starting together (more than ever seen on one starting grid since the 1960s), genuine racers from pre-war to Rotary, Norton works bikes and prototypes from the Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Andover and Shenstone Norton factories.

Andover Norton was there with a marquee, showing our products, and the "Norton Motors Works Team" parading bikes from the works collection- a genuine 1960 30M Manx, ex-Rudi Glaeser (German 500cc Champion 1960); a genuine Commando production racer (vulgo: "Norvil"- beware of imitations!), bought new from Gus Kuhn and since a legend in the Munich area, and our Rotary Racer, P55 frame No. 1, campaigned in the German Battle of Twins championship in the early nineties.
Andover Norton 2008
End of an era- and start of a new one.
Picture Shows Bobs Farewell Presentation on 22nd February at Andover Norton; his first ANIL boss Mike Jackson looks on.
Bob Reynolds Retires
On 29th February, after nearly 44 years of working for Norton, an era ends with Bob Reynolds retirement.
After serving an apprenticeship at a butchers, Bob proceeded to be trained as a buyer at Norton Motors. He was responsible for supplies for Commando and later Norton Rotary production; after that ended, he was taken on by Andover Norton when the company purchased the Commando Spares business in 1991.
When Norton Motors Ltd aquired the Spares business in 2007, and Bob worked from the Norton Motors Ltd premises in Rugeley, the last months before his retirement were a bit like a return to the roots; even though Norton Motors Ltd today was very different to what it was in the 1960s, on a different scale and in a different location.
Some of the dealers present, including the "farest travelled" Mark Appleton from Canada.
Norton Open Day 22nd February 2008
Dealers & Press only. Robert M. Reynolds farewell ceremony

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