1960 30M Manx 500cc ("Glaeser Manx")
The bike was despatched from Norton Motors Ltd in Birmingham on 15th April, 1960 to the Cologne importer "Englische Motorrad" (A.W.Bruce), who sold it to A.Meray, a Czech living near Kaiserslautern. Meray either never raced it or was not good enough to be mentioned in race results at the time.

In autumn 1960 that year's German 500cc champion, also on a 500cc Manx, Rudi Glaeser, bought the bike and raced it in 1961, ending the season in second place in the German 500cc championship on it. In 1962 he sold it to Rolf Fenker from Zarpen, an ex-speedway rider and a road-race novice. Fenker raced it for a year or two, with his best result a win in Bremerhaven.

Rudi Glaeser was well-known as the producer of the "Glaeser" fairings, which were a popular aftermarket item. Even the German police forces had them fitted to their police BMWs before BMW started offering their own touring fairings in the 1970s.

Below two pictures, one of Rudi Glaeser on the bike (#15) on the Nuerburgring startgrid in 1961, the other a nondescript hobby racer on it who now owns it.

We also have a photo of Fenker on it which shows it has aquired its very effective 1962 double duplex front brake after its active racing days.
Rudi Gläser, Walter Scheimann, Ernst Hiller, Karl Hoppe

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