1970 Commando Production Racer
Our 1970 Production Racer was originally sold by Gus Kuhn Motors in Sept 1970 to Motorrad Narr of Munich for £757, including accessories (see http://www.guskuhn.net/GKMLtd/Feedback/Siefert.htm). The bike was sold on to a wealthy Bavarian customer, who, with that bike, became a local legend.

Some years later he gave it in part exchange to a local Yamaha dealer and it seems every boy in the south of Bavaria flattened his nose on that dealers widows and counted his Deutschmarks! It was eventually sold to the "International Race-and Rallyedriver Wastl Niedermayer" who was something of a legend in his own right. Not so much for his riding or driving, but for his indiscrinminate appreachiation of women and motorcycles alike. He had a collection (of motorcycles, not women!) that consisted of totally uncollectable motorcycles nobody else wanted- with the sole exception of the Proddy Racer!

One of the boys with the flat nose syndrome was our friend Stefan Knittel, later to become Germany's foremost motorcycle historian, who pestered Wastl for two decades until Wastl finally said: "Come and bring some money!"
Stefan is a hunter rather than a collector, so when he eventually decided to sell the Proddy Racer he kindly let us have it. Before he did, however, he made our Proddy Racer the "covergirl" of Motorrad Classic, with himself onboard (left).

The bike has since been ridden on road and track, re-aquired its original rear wheel and an original Proddy Racer fairing, and the engine was rebuilt after a crack developed in the cylinder barrel that the rider at first mistook for a blowing cylinder head gasket. Untypically it had cracked near the top, where a cylinder head bolt 06-0401 had been screwed right down which was too long due to the cylinder head having been well skimmed down, and pressed against the end ot the bore, thus eventually- after about 15 years- cracking the cylinder open. We have never had that before!

A rare beast in that only just over 100 Production Racers were ever produced, and the early ones, like ours, with the Dominator-type silencers, virtually unknown nowadays. Several thousand "genuine" Production Racers now survive......

Below Andover Norton shareholders aboard, left Katrin at a hillclimb just after the start, right Christine at Salzburgring.

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