Thruxton Club Racer
Frank Perris & Vincent Davey on at the Gus Kuhn premises on the first two production "Thruxton Club Racers"
1975 "TX750" Thruxton Club Racer
The "TX750" was the last hurrah of the Norton Race Shop. Created from what was there they were to employ the ex-race mechanics in profitable work. However, the bike came too late- the TZ Yamahas were already beating everybody else on the track with their two-stroke engines- and only ten were built (and at most nine survive- one was crashed beyond repair). Little is known about any actually being raced.
In fact when I mentioned my interest in one of these bikes a few years ago, neither Richard Negus- involved in racing Commandos in the early 1970s and Norton draughtsman- nor Nick Hopkins, who was with Norton on the service side in the 1970s until he started with Andover Norton on Day1 in1977- had ever heard of them!
TX without fairing as bought
Our Search
About a decade ago I got the idea I wanted to have one of these Thruxton Club Racers, simply because these were the only Nortons ever sold with the short-stroke engine.
During my search I stumbled across a complete short stroke engine which is now in my
Signal Orange Roadster
I was offered a TX from Italy- the real deal but in my opinion at a ridiculous price- so I said "Thanks, but no thanks!". Then I heard about one existing in Austria.
In late October 2017 the plot thickened- I was contacted through a Vienna customer, and then a number of direct e-mails followed at the end of which we agreed on a price I had considered fair from the start.
Günter Nussmüller, Ansfelden O.Ö. 14/15 Okt.1978
Race picture of 1978
The bike was raced- probably the only Thruxton Club Racer that ever was!- in local events between 1976 and 1979 by two or three riders. On the back this picture tells us the rider is Günter Nussmüller. He was a big bloke so moved the seat back a bit- hence the gap between petrol tank and seat. This detail can also be seen on the colour picture at the bottom of this page.
Sitting on the bike I found it on the short side, too- my helmet hits the windscreen. Is this due to the input of Norman White, I wonder?
The plan now is to rebuild the bike to original specification and test it on the track. This means a complete rebuild as the beast has reputedly not been fired up since 1979!
Disguised as a production bike
1979, disguised as a "JPN Replica"
When it was found uncompetitive in real road races our bike somehow (ooops!) acquired a fake registration as a "1972 Commando" and was entered in production class races.
No results are known but we are sure they weren't all that remarkable.
Rider and owner at the time was reputedly the late Christian Schönborn.
as bought, November 2017

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