Genuine Factory Spare Parts
Andover Norton manufactures and supplies all Genuine Factory Spare Parts for Norton motorcycles built before 2002.

Most parts we stock are for Norton Commandos, but many parts either fit the earlier Norton Dominator and single cylinder models, or are specially manufactured for these.

All Genuine Norton Factory Parts are manufactured to the original factory specification. We hold all the drawings, all of the original tooling, and the intellectual property for these. Whilst we stick to the original specifactions where advisable, we do tend to improve on parts that "retrofit" parts of an earlier or inferior specification.

Some of the sources for dubious parts will point out that we do not, in fact, manufacture components in house.

It is true, we do neither own a forge, a foundry, nor a machine shop.
Instead we own the casting dies and forging tools, assembly jigs and the original factory drawings. These factory drawings list the materials, crucial dimensions and finishing processes (hardening etc) for the parts. We give tools and information out to our qualified specialist suppliers who then manufacture our parts to our specifications. On arrival in the warehouse these components go through inspection, and if and when they are found to be in order they are put into stock.
Various forums voice concern about the quality of Norton parts purchased from retailers.
If you are in doubt about what your suppliers sells you, we admit there is only one way to be absolutely sure what you get: to buy from Andover Norton, the source.

However, unless you are in serious doubt we'd prefer you buy from reputable Norton spares dealers to support the ongoing existence of the local Norton specialists.

If a prominent dealer is not listed, we most probably declined to deal with him resp. stopped to deal with him. In this case the chance you get a Genuine Norton Factory Part rather than a pirate part of dubious origin and quality is negligible. If a dealer claims a popular part is not available, check with us- it may be an excuse for the above reason.

The parts Andover Norton manufacture are at least to original specification, and often an improvement on it. All improved parts will retrofit, i.e. will replace the original part.

It helps that the Company Owners and members of the management team ride and occasionally race Commandos and other Norton models in everyday life.
Details on a motley Selection of Pirate Parts you find
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Our sister company in Germany, Norton Motors GmbH, has a large supply of Triumph spares.
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