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Pre-1979 Norton Models
Norton owners are often not aware that many parts were identical over the years;
Gearboxes had many common parts from 1956 through 1977, and even before then;
Forks used the same bushes and seals from 1948 through 1977, and the parts that differed, f.e. stanchions, damper parts etc, we stock in various forms by us;
Rear Brake Shoes fitted to Commando drum brake models were first used before WW2 on the 7" road model front and rear brake drums!

Engine parts are available from us for 500 twins through 850s, and some for Norton singles, too.

Primary drive parts (clutches etc) are available for pre-Commando as well as Commando models.

If you have a query, do not hesitate to ask, You may be surprised what we can do for you.

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Norton Rotary Services
Wankel Folklore
Our sister Company Norton Motors Ltd in Rugeley used to stock of all Norton Rotary (Wankel) parts. This stock was moved into Andover Norton's stores in spring 2010. We now hold the ex-factory spares stock for the Norton rotary models built from 1984 through 1993, as well as the drawings and the tooling. As there are few specialists left for these motorcycles, we sell nearly all the parts to their owners directly. We also run a re-manufacturing and re-sourcing programme for the rotary models. For spares and technical advice send an e-mail to sales@andover-norton.co.uk

Our rotary spares are now part of our
. All listed parts are currently in stock. We are the Norton Genuine Factory Parts manufacturer and wholesaler, but we also supply private owners on a mail order basis, or callers at our trade counter in Andover.

Glass fibre parts like fairings etc. you do not find in our webshop we can often make to order as we still have the original moulds. A lot of parts we also have secondhand and may list by the time they have been identified.
We also have a lot of castings that can, should demand justify the operation, be machined up. We have all the original drawings to do it.
AP (formerly Lockheed) Braking Systems
Andover Norton are the world's leading AP (Formerly Lockheed) motorcycle parts distributor and stock classic as well as modern AP motorcycle brake and clutch components.
Norton and Triumph Technical Literature
(Parts Lists, Riders Handbooks and Workshop Manuals)
In April 2008 we took over the stock and goodwill of JR Technical Publications, the company founded by John Nelson, Triumph Service Manager for decades, to supply Triumph and BSA owners with the original factory literature for their models (Service Manuals, Parts Lists, Riders Handbooks).

We now stock, and, when necessary, reproduce, the Triumph and BSA Parts Lists, Workshop Manuals, Riders Handbooks and Technical Wallcharts which you find
Norton and pre-1993 Triumph Spare Parts
Our other sister company Norton Motors (Deutschland) GmbH, run by Andover Norton's director Joe Seifert, was founded in 1989 by Seifert and Norton Motors Ltd in Shenstone as a joint venture to support Norton and Triumph owners with parts and service in the German-speaking regions of Europe.

After the bankruptcy of Norton Group PLC in England, Seifert eventually managed to gather the motorcycle part of Norton Group PLC, by aquiring Norton Motors Ltd and Andover Norton (International) Ltd in addition to Norton Motors (Deutschland) GmbH that he by then owned wholely.

Norton Motors GmbH
only sells Genuine Norton Factory Parts, plus a few quality parts and accessories for Nortons that Andover Norton do not carry. Furthermore, NOS and reclaimed secondhand stock like cylinder heads etc. is available from Norton Motors GmbH.

Furthermore, Norton Motors GmbH supplies Triumph parts for the 500cc through 750cc Twin models carefully sourced from the best quality suppliers in this field. As with "Norton" parts there is a lot of low-quality Triumph parts about.

As of 27th January 2020 Andover Norton have taken up distribution of Triumph spares again, mainly for 50-750cc Twins. You can now order Triumph parts through Andover Norton's regular webshop.

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