Karl Smith
Managing Director Karl Smith

Karl comes from the transport industry and managed a bus company before we recruited him for Andover Norton. A bit of a petrolhead even though- like Phil- not a motorcyclist. Hence pictured at the helm of our "Trusty", the Norton-engined tractor.

Karl manages the ever-increasing workforce and the general organisation of things, mostly leaving the daily business with the staff meant to deal with it.

That said Karl does not shy back from any task that needs doing and leads by example.
Phil Albutt's astride his retirement present
(Now retired) Director Phil Albutt

Phil came to Andover Norton through the joining of BSA in Blockley under William Colquhoun and Andover Norton International Ltd. under Mike Jackson in the early 1990s.

Phil started managing MZ UK, but, with the diminishing importance of that operation over the years, gradually took over responsibilities in the Commando Spares Operation. With the sale of Andover Norton from BSA Regal to Norton Motors Group in 2007, he became a Norton-only man. A non-motorcyclist he was nonetheless knowledgeable.

On 1st April 2013, he took over from Nick Hopkins as Managing Director, having previously been the organizing spirit behind many projects, including the move from Hungerford back to Andover.

In autum 2019, having re-developed Andover Norton into the world's leading Norton parts supplier, Phil decided he wanted less workload and responsabilities. He handed the reigns to Karl Smith and continues to work for us on Special Projects.

On 30th September 2021 Phil retired. We gave him an NVT Easy Rider as a farewell present which will convert Phil into a motorcyclist at last!

Simon Amos
Buyer: Simon Amos

Simon joined Andover Norton in January, 2013. He has been in logistics all his working life.

He has owned Norton Commandos since the 1980s and currently owns three. Simon is an all-weather motorcyclist.

He followed Nick Hopkins in purchasing after Nick's retirement in March, 2013.
Simon came from Honda UK, where he worked in a similar position.
Ashley Cutler
Buyer: Ashley Cutler

Asley joined Andover Norton in July 2015. He has an engineering background and served in the Royal Navy for 31 years.

He has owned his 1976 850Mk3 Commando since 1995 and uses it as an everyday bike.
Pat Major
Sales: Pat Major

When you ring our number you stand a fair chance Pat will answer the phone. She looks after customers, passes on to the specialist if needed, and takes down orders.
Steve Major
Sales & Trade Sales: Steve Major

Steve looks after orders including the trade ones and is also good with software.
Accounts: Zoe Andrews

After our Cathy- see the 2008 team picture below- retired, Andover Norton "enjoyed" a period of ball-park numbers that bore little if any resemblance to reality.

Zoe had the unenviable task to bring the chaos back to a state where figures give a basis for planning the company's future.

We are grateful we are now back to where we always were in Cathy's era of reliable results.
Melanie Smith
Accounts & Stock Admin Assistant. Melanie Smith

With the accounts becoming more and more complex Melanie joined us to look after the daily paperwork for Zoe.
Andy Purver
Goods Inwards & Stores Planning: Andy Purver

Andy is a long-term employee and meticulously checks goods inwards.

During our move he planned the stores layout and we all bowed to his competence and worked to his competent instructions.
Simon Blackwell
Stores Foreman: Simon Blackwell

Trusted packer and good soul in the warehouse. His input led to our new "sticky labels".
Julie Robinson
Packer: Julie Robinson

Julie started with us during the Move to North Way and turned out to be one of our best pickers and packers!
Peter Bearne
Workshop: Peter Bearne

Peter was with the AA for many years and is an active motorcyclist. He now works in our workshop, test-fitting new parts to check their accuracy and suitability.
Teejay Sargent
Workshop and Sub-Assemblies:Teejay Sargent

Teejay started as a packer but then moved on to the workshop, doing assembly work on the more complex components.
Team Photos
October 2015
The Management package only:

Pete Morris, semi-retired with retirement trophy; Phil Albutt, Joe Seifert, Ashley Cutler, Simon Amos
February 2013
Again the whole package (bar Cathy, Accounts, below), including members since retired.

Two since left for greener pastures, three retired.
February 2008
The Whole Package

All original Team Members were herded into one corner by Mick Duckworth in 2008, so here you see them all.
The Company Owners
Joe Seifert, Director, Owner Norton Motors GmbH, Norton Motors Ltd, Combined Honours English/Sociology, Hamburg University, Director Andover Norton;

Katrin Seifert, Product Designer, Coburg College, Shareholder, Andover Norton;

Christine Seifert, Law Degree, Munich University, LLM Georgetown University, Washington D.C., Shareholder, Andover Norton;

Tim Seifert, Completed Apprenticeship in Toolmaking, Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Munich Technical University, Shareholder Andover Norton;

Renate Mueller-Seifert, Combined Honours English & French, Hamburg University, M.D. of Family Affairs.

All but Renate own Norton motorcycles and ride Nortons on road and track.

Picture taken behind the family's 1970 genuine Norvil Production Racer (assembled in the Thruxton Race Shop) at Andover Norton's first Open Day, October 2015.

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